High Speed Back Office

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Reduce the cost of back office administration and remove cash reconciliation with our intelligent cash deposit solutions for your back office. Our high speed units can secure small or large quantities of notes in sealed bags ready for bank deposit or collection by Cash In Transit.

Typical clients include;
– convenience stores
– forecourt retailers
– hotels / bars
– pharmacies
– restaurants / coffee shops
– wholesalers


Bringing high speed and security in one

Combining high-speed note (or note and coin) validation and real-time monitoring of cash levels into one simple cash deposit system – the ultimate cash-handling deposit system for retail businesses handling small to large amounts of cash. This back-office solution enables quick deposit of up to 1,000 notes per transaction in different bundles, which are then instantly verified, recorded and counted.

Immediate benefits include:

  • Enhanced security with integrated sealbag feature
  • Time and cost savings as a result of less back-office administration and high-speed processing
  • Reduced manual error rates as a result of a simplified cash-handling process from cash register to the cash processing centre or bank
  • Improved productivity, as staff can focus on customers
  • Real-time visibility on cash levels through web-based tracking system
  • More peace of mind due to automatic counterfeit note detection system
  • Secure processing through staff user identification
  • A scalable solution that can grow with your business

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