We provide a range of cash handling solutions to suit any business
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This Comparison Guide looks at the alternatives available to retailers for the management of cash processes. From fully automated closed cash management to manual cash handling, this guide gives you the pros and cons of each system.

How we help your business


By securing cash you create a safer environment for both staff and customers

Cost Savings

Automating your cash process saves staff time and administration

Loss Prevention

Cash discrepancies are eliminated

Better Experience

Staff time better spent focused on customers and generating sales

Cash handling solutions for your business


Point of sale closed cash system

Retail Station

Back office solution to automate your cash office

High Speed Deposit

Secure solution to deposit your cash quickly

Note & Coin Counters

Note and coin counters to suit your business

Counterfeit Detectors

Quick and accurate counterfeit note detectors


Fully certified safes for audit, fire and burglary protection

They Trust Us



We’ve found the cost of the cash management process has reduced significantly and outweighs the cost of the units entirely…. any retail company would be mad not to look at these.” Topaz / Circle K, Retail Excellence Manager
It’s exceeded our expectations ….saved us time and money…it’s all about efficiency and staff spending more time with customers.” General Manager, Pembroke Hotel, Kilkenny

News & Articles

Small Businesses Prefer Cash

An Ipsos MORI research study “Uses of Cash and Electronic Payments” found that 46% of small businesses in the UK don’t consider the cashless option feasible for their activities. And even though 21% of them do use chip and pin machines to take...

Cash as a tool to build trust

Yves Mersch, member of the European central bank (ECB) executive board, recently expressed himself on the role of cash in the evolving payments landscape and highlighted its popularity among consumers. He also explained that cash is a crucial tool to build consumers’...

Checkout Magazine May 2017

Card payments may be on the rise, but cash is still king in the grocery retail sector, and security is a hot button issue. Checkout spoke to Aidan Comerford, Director at Premium Cash Solutions (PCS) about how it can help. Cash payments account for a significant amount...


 The Gunnebo Group is a global supplier of security products,   services and solutions with an offering covering Cash Management,   Entrance Security, Safes & Vaults and Electronic Security

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