At PCS, we offer a complete range of cash handling equipment that offers enhanced security at point of sale for retail outlets. These range from under counter deposit units to fully closed cash handling systems. If you are unsure as to which solution is best for you, use our FREE, No Obligation, consultation service.


Closed cash handling replaces manual tills with recycling cash systems. Payment from the customer is counted and correct change paid automatically by the SafePay unit. Money is secured and controlled from the moment it leaves the customer’s hand until it reaches the cash counting centre. No manual cash handling, no opportunity for cash differences and a safer store for both customers and staff. SafePay integrates with your existing POS system.

Some Benefits of SafePay;
– security
– loss prevention
– low cash handling costs
– safe working environment
– better shopping experience for customers

Typical clients include;
– bookmakers
– convenience stores
– forecourt retailers
– pharmacies
– restaurants / coffee shops
– supermarkets

SafePay in a Forecourt Outlet;

SafePay Client Case Study

PCS offer a no obligation, FREE consultation to discuss what solution is the best choice for your business.