We provide consultancy services around the efficient use of cash handling solutions to eliminate the risks associated with cash. We can eliminate the risk of external theft, internal shrinkage and cash discrepancies while also significantly reducing the administration costs and charges associated with the manual handling cash in your business.

We will review your business cash operations and advise you the on most cost effective hardware and software solutions which will transform how your business currently handles while reducing your costs.

We aim to:

  • Improve your staff safety and working environment
  • Ensure a better and safer customer experience and speedup check out times
  • Have a seamless integration into your business
  • Eliminate external robbery
  • Do away with internal cash shrinkage
  • Eradicate cash discrepancies and investigations
  • Have real time reconciliation with your point of sale system
  • Reduce staff costs associated with cash handling
  • Lower bank and cash in transit costs
  • Recycle coin and notes at source to reduce change ordering costs
  • Increase your return on investment

PCS offer a no obligation, FREE consultation to discuss what solution is the best choice for your business.