Secure and Efficient
Cash Handling Solutions

units installed globally


How Do We Help Your Business?

1. Security

By securing cash you create a safer environment for both staff and customers

2. Cost Savings

By automating the process cash requires minimal administration and staff time

3. Loss Prevention

With automated processes, cash discrepancies are eliminated

4. Better Experience

Staff time better spent focused on customers and generating sales

Ready to protect your staff, customers and cash?

At PCS we offer a no obligation consultation to find the best Cash Handling Solution for your business

Cash is King!

Cash represents
60% of all transactions
under €20

– Recent surveys indicate that Irish & UK retailers are losing €2.5 billion a year on their cash handling processes

– The biggest risk to efficient cash management is the lack of control and monitoring of the cash

– The retailer’s challenge is to reduce these losses without affecting the in-store operation and with minimal capital expenditure

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